Got Questions? Ask Us Here!


Question:  Do you have weekday or weekend classes?

Answer:  No, we have two classes a year, weekNIGHT classes for 25 weeks to choose from.

Question:  Can I use FASFA for your program?

Answer:  Unfortunately you cannot.  However many of our students have had sucess with Eastman Credit Union and the Career Training Loan they offer.  If that is not the best option for you we can also offer you in-house financing.

Question:  After I complete the program will I be able to work right away?

Answer:  No, at the end of our 25 week program you will receive a diploma stating that you have fullfilled the requirements for the program.  You must take a national board exam and receive a passing score.  Once you have completed these tasks then you can apply for your license in the State of Tennessee.

Question:  Can I charge for massage as a student?

Answer:  No, It is against the law in the State of Tennessee to receive compensation of any kind for massage services provided if you do not have a license.

Question:  Once I have my license in Tennessee can I practice in other states?

Answer:  No, each state has its own requirements for licensure.  We recommend that you check with the Massage Board in each state you intend to practice in for the minimum requirements to practice in that state.